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"Beenuk"thé professional Nuc

beenuk nucleo carton beenuk nucleo carton beenuk nucleo carton beenuk

Beenuk is a very robust 5 frames cardboard Nuc , its lifetime draws about 5 years, high thermical insulation, good performance in both winter and summer, light and inexpensive.


Robustness: hard cardboard dual channel, 4 walls are double layer and triple in bottom layers allows more than 7 height floors without deforming.

Very light: 4 empty nucs can lead to same time or 2 full, reducing time and costs.

Waterproof: new, beenuk comes with impregnated cardboard with paraffin to protect the water, so there is no need to paint.

Good thermal insulation.

Beenuk has 2 vents on the upper side and one extra on the bottom, so that during transport or in hot summers, the bee colony remains airy and quiet, if desired, in cold weather, they can be closed with pre-cut pieces supplied original.

Quick and easy assembly.

- Easy And fast: the Dadant model can be mounted to receive 47cm or 48cm frames.
- Delivered non assembled, without frames and grillage in option.
- Models available: Dadant, Langstroth, Layens. You can adjust the Langstroth hive to a Warre.

Beenuk flexibility also allows you to quickly change several settings to get to fully meet the needs of your customers.

Stock available, adaptation has small differences in dimensions etc.


- Swarms of sale: ideal for selling swarms nucs.

- Swarms of production, life Beenuk than a few years, so lets use it directly for formation up for sale.

- Pollination: for pollination without much effort thanks to its lightness.

- Transport Boxes: thanks to its robustness, you can move frames for honey extraction in the store.

Cooperation with bees health

- Use BEENUK (non refundable), to avoid the transfer of disease between beekeepers.

It ha a very good price balance to cope with the current requirements of your customers.

They advised us to take maximum care to avoid transfer of disease between farms.

The farms devoted to the swarms production have a large health responsibility, and cardboard hive BEENUK, fully occupies this function.


- Use hot melt glue bars, especially honey color for mounted, white or transparent, eventually not withstand the weight or moisture.

- The dosing gun needs a minimum power of 150w.

- Do not paint by dipping, excess of oil and even more if is recent upset the bees.

- The assembly of the flaps, following an order to set the desired length (47cm or 48cm).

- Place wooden legs so they do not directly touch the ground.

- To prolong its service life is also recommended to make a second layer with waterproof paint or paint hives, mainly at the top, in this there is also the option to cover it with a metal sheet.