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AJ 2006

In 1990 Apijuneda began its work in building cranes for lifting and handling beehives, today we have a wide variety of models to satisfy the needs of all beekeepers from simple and ecómicos models to fully equipped cranes in 4x4, trailers or trucks.

The most complete range of models:
For you to find the most suitable model for your vehicle. the most balanced and adapted to their way of working.

A good team of engineering and metalworking professionals with the most modern equipment, will produce accurate and comfortable machines.

Your best warranty our bee farm has always worked with them and it brought us a daily improvements.

We will be happy to welcome you to real demonstration of our equipment.

Today, our machines are working worldwide, customers near you can help you complete the information you need.

(ask us for them, these customers have approved this contact).

Main Features:

- 2 load speeds: has a loading fast speed and a slow speed adjustable).

- Brake with hydraulic discs brakes: whatever the position of the arm with the push of a button will lock arm thereby can perform actions such as advance the vehicle, to smoke, positioning a hive ..etc. Accurate, robust and efficient.

- Automatic leveling system: On inclined ground, the arm will always remain leveled, thanks to this, the displacement effort of the arm is minimal.

- Remote Control: To prevent that the communication cable is rolled or cut, all cranes are commanded by wireless remote control. For security, you receive a second remote control. You can also work by electric cable.

- Light: Light at the end of the crane to see in the dark, amber color, unseen to the bees.

- Horn: The operator can warn the driver when the vehicle has to stop in the positioning of the vehicle in the apiary, also enables communication between the machine and the operator when the battery power is low, and other notices.

- Stabilizing feet:  We recommend using stabilizers when the manipulator will be installed in a pickup with suspension and absorbers standard or very soft suspension vehicles. (not essential, but is more comfortable).
We have designed an economic, fast and light system, integrated in the same space of crane,(all models are planned to equip feet) .

- Fast folding and compact:  All models have the same type of structure and folding, quick, simple and compact.

pinzas alza

With multi functions clamps is also possible to work effortlessly as revisions to the brood chamber when multiple honey supers over, harves supers and blowing the bees, thanks to a multi clamps can rotate a honey super on both sides, put a pollen trap, change bottom of beehive or any other manipulation in which required heavy lifting.


1 - For a quote we need your details and address, without it we can not save our proposal.

2 - In one shipping box can go two machines, with their clamps, and shiping cost alone will increase 20% (approx).

3 - From the features and prices of the catalog we you send, select the most suitable machine for you, then we can make a budget to your house, (each machine has small changes in the price of transport).

4 - Stock estimates are valid only on the day that have occurred, (you can make saved your machine, by streamlining the efforts of reserves indicated in this pag).

5 - A budget requests not accompanied by data and address of the customer, we respond to their request. You can help accelerate your purchase.

6 - The waiting times are between 45-100 days, avoid delivery match the months of April and May, these months predictions can fail.

7- The validity of the prices of a proforma is 30 days, we and our suppliers are in continuous technological evolution and this has an impact on the properties of the machine and its value.

8 - The countdown to the expected date of delivery does not start until we have confirmation of 50% of the value of the machine, and "very important" in the order form, this work as a working paper, without which we can not initiate the request of its components, different voltages, measures, powers, influence the machine is delivered in full conformity with that indicated by the client.

9 - A) For customers of U.E. indicate your IVA, TVA, VAT, tax Number.
.....B) If you are outside Spain, without this number, the courrent VAT contains in the proforma invoice.
.....C) For customers outside U.E. Indicate your Nº. taxpayer.